Our typical turn-key medical project

TypicalProjectVersatile Embedded User InterfacesEmbedded OS SupportLTE Modems IntegrationReal Time OS and PeripheralsAWS or GoogleQt, WPF, TouchGfx, Silverlight for WEWindows Embedded, Android, Linux Embedded, Win CE.Telit, Sierra, Quectel.Mobile Applications and ToolsAndroid Java or Qt applicationsReact Native applicationsBLE, WiFiFreeRTOS, TI RTOS, MQX or Bare Metal.Temperature Sensors, Proximity, Accelerometers. Device Drivers for Windows, Linux or Windows CE.TI OMAP, NXP iMX, Qualcomm Snapdragon,Intel Atom, Xilinx Zynq 7000.Serverless Architecture, IoTLambda FunctionsDynamoDB, FirebaseNode.js, Angular.js, React.jsFirmware for small microcontrollersST, Microchip, EnergyMicro,Atmel, NXP LPC, Kinetis and iMX RT.Web Based UI for devices without LCD
Different Embedded User Interfaces
Qt, WPF, TouchGFX, Silverlight for WE
Web Based UI for devices without LCD
Node.js, Angular.js, React.js
Firmware for small microcontrollers
ST, Microchip, EnergyMicro,
Atmel, NXP LPC and iMX, RT.
AWS or Google
Serverless Architecture, IoT
Lambda Functions
DynamoDB, Firebase
LTE Modems Integration
Telit, Sierra, Quectel
Embedded OS Support
Windows Embedded, Android, Linux Embedded, Win CE.
Device Drivers for Windows, Linux or Windows CE
TI OMAP, NXP iMX, Qualcomm Snapdragon
Intel Atom, Xilinx Zynq 7000.
Real Time OS and Peripherals
FreeRTOS, TI RTOS, MQX or Bare Metal.
Temperature Sensors, Proximity Sensors, Accelerometers.
Mobile Applications and Tools
Android Java or Qt applications
React Native applications

Turn-key solutions for medical devices

Software development for medical equipment is a process more than development. We have gathered vast experience in medical software development while implementing more than 20 different projects.

Our development process is built with medical standards in mind and is based upon thorough requirements management and testing.

We use Microsoft Team Services for requirements, changes and bugs tracking, as well as Git services for version control and releases.

What we provide

  • Full set of software documents (SRS, SDD, STP, ICD)

  • Software development according to medical standard

  • Unit tests and code reviews

  • Participation in risk analysis meetings

  • Support during verification and validation

  • Static code analysis

What we have done so far

  • Laser dental surgery device

  • Hair removal device

  • Distance measurement sensor

  • Hair growth device

  • Lymph treatment device

  • Skin rejuvenation device

  • Vaginal treatment device

  • 3D ST Device

  • Radiation exposure reduction technology

  • And more …


Real Time And Embedded Software

Real time and embedded software is an essential part in most of our projects. We carefully design our realtime systems, taking into account all requirements and pitfalls during development and production cycles – starting from tasks and resource management and finishing with bootloader and postmortem debugging logs.

Usually the firmware runs on small microcontrollers, but sometimes it is required to run on high-end devices like Zynq, so as a part of our design we prefer FreeRTOS usage on ARMs Cortex M device and use bare metal when device is low on hardware resources.

Firmware upgrade is a must in all recent embedded systems. We provide our clients with proprietary bootloader that is ported to many architectures and supports reliable way to upgrade the product.


  • STM32F/L Microcontrollers

  • NXP LPC, Kinetis and new crossover IMX RT

  • SiliconLabs former EnergyMicro

  • Atmel microcontrollers and Arduino devices


  • Cypress Psoc

  • Microchip PIC18 and PIC32

  • Analog Devices Blackfin

  • MSP430

What we have done so far

  • Bootloader

  • Actuators motion controller

  • RF treatment device

  • Laser controller

  • Satellite firmware

  • Smart electricity power meter

  • Audio guides

  • Wi-Fi module integration

  • TouchGFX UI

  • RFID active tag and readers

  • And more …


Operating System Configuration And Board Bring-Up

During last decade the market of embedded systems has been changing significantly and continuously, so in order to keep the pace with modern technologies we are constantly re-assessing market needs.

At the beginning most of our clients were using Win CE or Windows Embedded as their main OS. Nowadays we work mostly with Linux and Android for embedded development, as these systems are free and have a huge ecosystem.

Our services include OS configuration, modifications and diver development, as well as OS customization to client and environmental needs.

What we provide

  • Windows CE image build, setup and configuration

  • Linux Embedded setup and configuration

  • Android Embedded setup and configuration

  • Drivers development

  • Windows Embedded configuration and hardening

  • AMP configuration of Xilinx Zynq or Altera

  • System configuration to support EMI tests

What we have done so far

  • Linux system setup for i.MX6 and i.MX7 devices

  • Linux setup for low resources i.MX processor

  • Android setup for Qualcomm SD 410/620/820

  • Windows CE setup for TI OMAP controllers

  • Linux network driver for Realtek switch

  • Windows NDIS, Serial, CAN, FPGA drivers

  • Linux and Android touch and serial drivers

  • Windows Embedded image setup and hardening

  • Xilinx Zynq AMP setup for Linux and FreeRTOS

  • Altera multi-core setup for Linux and bare metal

  • And more …


Custom User Interface

All our projects are different and unique. One of the most important elements of the product, whether it is embedded or desktop device, is the user interface. It should be appealing, user friendly and responsive.

When we design the product, we decide which operating system to use and what technology will be used for user interface. When there is no monitor or LCD available, we implement UI using modern WEB technologies. For low resources embedded devices we recommend TouchGFX framework. We are TouchGFX official implementers.

Meanwhile UI and UX designers provide mockups, wireframes and final design images.

What we provide

  • WPF and Winforms applications for Windows

  • UI Design conversion to XAML or QML

  • Silverlight for Windows Embedded in Windows CE

  • Qt application for Windows, Linux or Android

  • Angular.js or React.js for WEB user interface

  • Android Java for embedded devices

  • TouchGFX porting and UI applications

What we have done so far

  • Medical devices running Android with UI on Java Qt

  • Medical devices running Linux with UI on Qt

  • Medical devices running on Win CE and Silverlight

  • Audio quide Qt user interface

  • Smart electricity power meter with Angular.js UI

  • Industrial sensor with Angular.js UI

  • React.js and Vue.js web applications

  • Android Java mobile application for military control units

  • TouchGFX port and consumer application

  • And more …



In modern world more and more embedded devices are connecting to the Internet. We provide these capabilities by integrating Wi-FI modules or LTE modems in client product and integrating Amazon SDK.

To store all the data coming from these devices we use Amazon Cloud IoT feature and NoSQL DynamoDB for data storage.

What we provide

  • AWS IoT SDK Integration in embedded device

  • Generic MQTT provider integration and Mosquitto broker setup

  • Integration of Atmel WI-FI module

  • Integration of TI CC3200 module

  • AWS setup for IoT and data storage

  • Google cloud platform setup

What we have done so far

  • Smart electricity power meter with AWS IoT

  • Medical devices with logs and data stored in Google

  • Consumer device with AWS IoT

  • Embedded sensor simulator in AWS cloud

  • AWS backend for a medical device



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