EMightGen Ltd. regards achieving a high level of quality of services as the main way to acquire the trust and satisfaction of its customers.
We see this as a necessary condition for growth and prosperity.

  • Definition and control of internal work processes and work processes with customers; monitoring the processes, thus ensuring preservation of existing clientele and acquiring new satisfied customers.
  • Realization of the desired quality with an emphasis on transparency and coordination of expectations with our service recipients.
  • Meeting commitments and deadlines, shortening response times and delivering high quality products.
  • Nurturing employees, training them on a regular basis, providing them with responsibilities and allocating time to study.
  • Development of quality measures in service provision and implementation of drawing conclusions and culture of quality.
  • Ensuring a competent quality assurance at all levels, preventing unnecessary expenses and thus contributing to efficiency of our company’s operations.
  • Involvement, commitment and leadership to maintain the quality of the company's management.
  • Preservation and implementation of ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system requirements.


Phone: +972 (77) 5156505


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Phone: +972 (52) 6157470


Phone: +972 (58) 6008638

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